Hi there! I’m a newly minted doctor currently doing residency in emergency medicine. If you’re looking for a full CV, that’s here (PDF). Otherwise, keep reading!

A little about me:

  • I’m the bluntest person you will ever meet. If you want to know what I’m thinking, just ask. I generally expect you to be equally blunt with me.
  • I have a penchant for adorable things, and the majority of my non-work wardrobe consists of t-shirts with dorky drawings from shirt.woot.com. I still have my teddy bear from 1st grade–don’t judge.
  • Exercise is my drug of choice. I started weightlifting in med school as a way to relieve stress and now I can’t imagine going more than a day without spending some quality time in the gym.
  • I enjoy pulling pranks from time to time. I nearly got kicked out of a blood bank because I decided to spend the day faking a British accent and when I stayed in character the staff thought I might have mad cow disease.
  • I’ve meditated with the Dalai Lama, learned to shoot bow-and-arrow, bartended, and cut my own hair.
  • Schooling thus far: Arlington High School ’05, Stanford ’09, Baylor College of Medicine ’13, Baylor College of Medicine Emergency Medicine Residency Program ’16

Feel free to browse around, and contact me for whatever reason you please, I’m pretty open to meeting new people. 🙂